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There is so much discussion out there about free online dating sites.. One of the biggest concerns that I hear is that the quality of the free dating sites may not be the same as the paying ones. While that may be true for many, it is simply not the case anymore.

The main problem that free sites have is people that might scam have easier access to the free ones. A reputable website owner will screen members before allowing them on their site. Even on the paying dating sites there still are scams and dishonest people. This is true outside of the internet dating world as well!

When chosing a free internet dating site, I would recommend that you try several. You can do a search on Google to find one under free internet dating or free online dating. Try to look for the top tier ones. You will find that the dating sites listed on the first page will have more members.

If you feel uncomfortable you want to leave your profile offline for a few weeks until you feel your way around. You might not get great response this way however. Posting photos greatly increases your chances of getting noticed.

Also, free dating services offer many more features than they did a few years back. That is because of the competition and the awareness that it is necessary to keep members happy.

Some of the free features now available are instant messaging, webchat, email, kisses or winks... now nudges as well, and some offer a customizable profile with music.

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