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Dating today is becoming ever so complicated. There are more divorces taking place than ever and this leaves an enormous dating pool. The economy is contributing to the unraveling of relationships as well as making it more difficult to be able to afford to date.

Getting back into the dating scene takes time, courage and money. These are issues that make it more challenging to find that special someone.

When we become single again after years in a relationship, our feelings about everything from the type of person we really would like to meet to what image we are going to present.

Normally, the first thing someone does is analyze their appearance. Many new singles decide to go on a diet. They want to be more appealing to prospective partners or dates and might feel they need an update.

They also might find they need a wardrobe update. This can be a very expensive undertaking. Clothing is no longer cheap and many times, especially after weight loss there might be a need for almost an entire new wardrobe.

For a man, dating becomes an issue if he is paying child support, alimony and also if faced with paying for a date. So, he finds himself in a predicament. Does he sit at home alone all the time and how does he meet someone.

For many, free online dating sites have become an easy way to meet singles. The dating pool is endless and it gives singles a way to connect with other people on levels that are not always "relationship" based.

Free dating sites are becoming a way of life for singles. The stigma that was attached to them a few years back is all but gone. Free online dating gave an additional negative feeling for many but with today's economy that is changing as well.

Men and women are becoming more comfortable with free dating sites. The ratio is still about 60% male and 40% female but this is changing as women feel more comfortable with allowing themselves to be exposed to the internet. Putting a profile with a photo for all to see can be a little intimidating and consequently give women a feeling of unease.

Dating sites today are rapidly becoming the number one way to meet other singles. As the economy worsens this year as anticipated there will be more free online dating service sign ups than ever!

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