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Would you stop dating someone if they fessed up that they were lying about their age?

I have certainly lied about my age on dating profiles. But, in my defense, I tell the truth within the first few minutes of conversation. How do you feel about this?

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I had been talking to a woman for a number of months, when we decided to meet. But, before we did, she confessed that she had lied about her age. I had told her from the outset, don't ever lie to me or if I find out, that will be the end. So, that was the end. She said in the beginning she didn't think it would lead to anything, so she didn't worry about it. One never knows where things will lead!!
I do agree with you! I lie only in the profiles sometimes until the initial phone call. How much of a difference in age was it. Also, that does happen. Sometimes you don't ses the potential so you just don't ever discuss it.

It is a delicate thing. I have never found it really to be a problem since I fess up right at the onset but do understand it can upset some people.
It was like 14 years, which is quite a bit. Plus, she never sent me her real pics, she sent some of someone else. At the end, she did send me her real pics. She wasn't bad looking, just didn't like that she had lied to me. You are different. You told me shortly after we had first talked. That is totally different. She had carried on the lie for about 4 months, if I remember correctly.
14 years is quite a bit lol. I would not be interested either. You waste that long for nothing, I just did that for a few months with someone that was long distance. He acted very interested and we chatted daily but he disappeared when we started talking about really meeting.
Wow.. that is a big difference.. how did that work out?
Ouch.. doesn't sound like it was good for YOU! Hey, you are keeping me very busy here lol. I cannot keep up with you:)
ok if it only 3 or 4 years.thats what i didnt like about aol your in a 40s and over chat room looking to talk with someone your age and it turns out your talking to 17 18 yearold
I agree Steve. I know that I cannot filter everything but I do try and keep all the spam and scams off by reviewing the profiles on here. It nets us less members but they are quality members. Sometimes the fool me and I catch them pretty quickly!! Thanks for joining us.


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